Our services

At the Bethel Centre ...

We offer a warm and compassionate place where all can feel safe and find hope.

First and foremost, participants are heard in the spirit of their faith. They are believed, and come to know that change and healing are possible beyond the hurt.

All our services are free of charge.

We respond by working for ...

  • Prevention of harm
  • Promotion and maintenance of resilience and wellbeing
  • Connection and communication
  • Timely respectful response to crisis situations and experiences


We encourage referrals from individuals or concerned others. Needs will be discussed during the first appointment.

We offer ...

  • Counselling in person, by telephone,
    or online
  • Support groups
  • Tailored workshops
  • Consultation to presbyteries and congregations responding to issues of concern, including conflict resolution


Bethel is committed to confidentiality for all who attend.

Our promise is to listen deeply, while suspending blame and judgement.

People come to Bethel for all sorts of reasons, because there's a multitude of ways in which we can harm each other.

Our counsellors have professional understanding of trauma. They appreciate the significant impacts which can occur as a result of abuse, whether emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual. They have deep insight into the ways in which power can be misused, and the profound effects this can have on interpersonal relationships and mental health.