Our vision

Transforming how people connect with and care for themselves, each other, and their communities.

Our mission

We respond to every story in support of healing.

Our principles

We abide by three key principles :

  • Non-violence of any kind
  • Respect for difference
  • Cherishing mistakes as opportunities to learn.


As an independent service of the Uniting Church Synod Victoria Tasmania, Bethel understands the sacred need to protect and maintain confidentiality. To ensure independence …

  • Bethel is located in its own premises, enabling a respectful distance from Synod.
  • A council of elected members supports and oversees the operation of the service.

Our values

Empathy. The action of being aware of, understanding, and being sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of all those with whom we work.

Acceptance. Celebrating diversity across all cultural backgrounds.

Honesty. Being authentic and transparent in all our interactions.

Self-care. Prioritising mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing for ourselves and for those with whom we work.