The path to healing and resilience

Trauma affects individuals and communities alike, transcending boundaries of age, race, and background. Its impacts can be far-reaching, seeping into the very fabric of our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Break the silence, gain understanding, and reclaim your life on a journey of discovery, healing, and resilience.

Sexual abuse / assault / exploitation

Domestic violence

Experiencing out-of-home care

  • The Alliance for Forgotten Australians AFA promotes the interests of the estimated 500,000 people known as Forgotten Australians, who experienced institutional or other out-of-home care as children and young people in the last century in Australia, many of whom suffered physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse while in ‘care’.

Beacon House

  • Beacon House is a team of professional, warm, and highly experienced chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, and occupational therapists, providing a wide range of mental health assessments and effective therapies for children and young people, adults, and families experiencing mental health difficulties, emotional and behavioural challenges, and relationship conflict.

Blue Knot Foundation

  • National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. Empowering recovery from complex trauma, and building resilience for the one in four Australian adults who experience the impacts of complex trauma.