You Tube Clips

Workplace Bullying

This clip identifies the tactics bullies use in the workplace and communities, and the solutions available to those directly or indirectly affected by a culture of bullying.


"Workplace Bullying" Online Video Clip. Published 1st March 2013. Date retrieved 7th March 2018


Mindful Gnats

Mindful Gnats provides techniques to help young people cope with everyday stress.  The first clip is a step by step instruction on paced breathing and the second clip instructs users on an effective method on relaxation.


"Mindful Gnats: Breathing" Online Video Clip. www.mindfulgnats/com. Published 26 January 2016. Date retrieved 19 March 2018


"Mindful Gnats: Relaxation" Online Video Clip, Published 26 January 2016. Date retrieved 19  March 2018.