Bethel is here to help

And we’re doing things a little differently …

Bethel is here to support you, your ministers, and your congregations through today’s extraordinary times.

In addition to providing professional counselling, Julie McDonald and Wendy Driscoll are happy to offer brief wellbeing check-ins. To suit individual needs, we will connect by ‘phone or online (Zoom).

Do stay connected

Call us on 03 9859 8700 to see how we can help.

Please remember there are many links to support services in our resources pages.

Welcome to the Bethel Centre

The Bethel Centre provides a gateway of healing for individuals and groups who have experienced misuse of power or abuse within the Uniting Church.

We invite our clients to a safe place full of peace, light, hope, and acceptance. Staff members offer a warm welcome and refreshments. Our qualified counsellors work with clients individually or in groups from congregations across Victoria and Tasmania.

Bethel staff will assist you to enhance spiritual and psychological wellbeing, as well as relationships with other congregation members, colleagues, family, and friends.

The Bethel Centre is physically separate to and operates independently of the Uniting Church.

We provide a culturally sensitive and respectful environment for all.

Our services are available to individual congregation and council members, whole congregations, or Vic/Tas ministers, whether ordained, lay, or presbytery.

Individual consultations take place face-to-face in our warm and welcoming centre in North Balwyn, over the phone, or via video link. Our counsellors are available to collaborate in identifying educational needs, planning, designing, and facilitating workshops, whether at the Bethel Centre, or where congregations are based.

Our services are free of charge and completely confidential. Donations are most welcome, however.